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Webinar: Accelerating Energy Efficiency Technology Adoption in Shipping

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7 November 2023

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The panel “Accelerating EET Adoption in Shipping” discussed how energy efficiency technology is a critical way to reduce emissions from the maritime sector, but there are significant barriers to their implementation.

These barriers include the inability to predict the performance of energy saving technologies under variable operating conditions, and the split incentives between ship owners (who invest in the technologies) and charterers (who benefit from the fuel savings).

This panel will discuss these challenges and explore how the ecosystem – financiers, technology providers, ship owners, and charterers – can work together to overcome them and increase the adoption of energy efficiency measures.


Mr Shane Balani, Director, Research & Projects, Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation


Mr Raibir Talwar, Chief Investment Officer, FPG AIM Capital

Ms Su Yin Anan, General Manager, Aluminium Sales & Derivatives South32

Ms Susana Germino, Chief Sustainability and Energy Transition Officer, Swire Shipping

Mr Sanieev Namath, Chief Business Officer, AlphaOri

Watch the webinar on the Energy Efficiency Technologies panel discussion here!

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