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Webinar: GCMD-BCG Global Maritime Decarbonisation Survey

We are grateful to the 150+ participants from across the globe who attended our webinar.

In our webinar, we explored prevailing maritime industry stereotypes concerning the decarbonisation journey and how our survey revealed insights that challenged these assumptions.

By applying the established innovation adoption model archetypes - Frontrunners, Followers, and Conservatives - to the data, we unearthed a nuanced picture of progress. Notably, we identified "Conservatives" within large container fleets and "Frontrunners" among smaller bulk carrier and tanker fleets as well.

This fresh perspective, using the archetype lens, provides a clearer way for grasping the state of decarbonisation in the industry and for designing more targeted and effective interventions to accelerate emissions reduction.

To help organisations identify their archetype, the team designed a giveback pack for our survey respondents.

This giveback pack provides a comprehensive view of their own results and where they stand in their journey compared with companies of similar sizes, operating similar assets, ambition, and investment levels.

Watch the webinar on survey findings here!

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