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Shipping charts greener future

Leading figures share their thoughts on how the industry plans to tackle its biggest issue — decarbonisation


CEO, Global Centre for Maritime Decarbonisation

We had a very busy last quarter in 2021. We issued our first invitation for proposals in October to com- mission a study to establish the basis for a regulatory sandbox, which will pave the way for ammo- nia bunkering trials in Singapore.

We also curated 21 companies across the supply chain that have formally agreed to share proprie- tary data and their experience with the appointed consultant.

Submissions of proposals closed in December and the team is carrying out evaluations. We expect to announce the appointed consultant in February, and work on the study will start thereafter.

The team is also defining the scope for the ammonia bunkering pilot, and having conversa- tions with interested stakeholders and partners to prepare for this next stage of the project.

We have identified several areas that we will focus on this year. A negative emissions technology, carbon capture and storage can play a critical role in reducing carbon emissions, especially in the medium term before new fuels are available at scale.

We are interested in helping the sector establish assurance on the quality, quantity and emissions abatement on low-carbon fuel blends in order for shipowners to leverage future market-based mechaanisms.

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