We invite companies seeking support for the piloting and demonstration of developed solutions for international shipping to submit a whitepaper on the technology and scope of the proposed project. These technologies or systems-level solutions should have demonstrable potential to reduce GHG emissions when deployed at scale across the maritime sector*.

GCMD maritime decarbonisation

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Deployment of low-/zero-carbon fuels including:

  • Biofuels (FAME & HVO / Biomass)

  • Bio-methanol

  • Bio-methane (Bio-LNG)

  • E-ammonia

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Alternative energy converters:

  • Dual fuel internal combustion engines 

  • Fuel cells 


Technical measures with at least 10% emissions reduction such as:

  • Wind-power

  • Air lubrication 

  • Carbon capture and storage (w/ carbon-neutral fuels)

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* GCMD prioritises projects by taking into consideration the technology and commercial maturity or readiness of the solutions. Technologies should have a verified prototype system and be ready for a small scale commercial trial. Examples might include a prototype system/model being produced and demonstrated in a simulated environment.